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Enhance Your Morning Coffee Routine For Energy, Focus, and Relief


In health-conscious communities like Boulder, Colorado, more and more you’re finding people drinking CBD infused Coffee as part of their daily wellness regimen. Adding superfoods and adaptogens to drinks isn’t a new concept, but now Hemp derived CBD extracts are being served in coffee cups everywhere – be it a café on the mall [...]

CBD Ice Cream!

Delicious CBD Ice Cream Recipe:


Fair warning: making ice cream of any kind at home can be an addicting endeavor unrelated to this recipe.


CBD Coffee Ice-cream (Makes 1-quart)


CBD Tiramisu Recipe

CBD Tiramisu - Made with CBD Coffee

We're expanding on our CBD Desserts concept with another foray into Cooking with CBD! We've been busy in our CBD test kitchen, whipping up new and exciting flavor combinations that feature our signature CBD coffee. For this week's installment, we've updated an old favorite, creating a new CBD [...]

A Twist For A Normal Saturday Night – CBD Cocktails

CBD Cocktails to Spice Up Your Weekend

All CBD Cocktails are Made with SteepFuze Premium CBD Coffee

For all the chefs and foodies out there, we know that CBD Coffee represents much more than just something to wake up to. Experimenting with signature CBD Cocktails using our hemp extract coffee is something we've done as a side [...]

CBD Desserts - CBD Coffee Brownies

CBD Desserts - CBD Coffee Brownies

A little twist on the typical brownie recipe. The Original with its Ethiopian Yirgacheffe bean gives a nice light and ever so subtle citrus flavor.

CBD Brownies Ingredients:

  • 8 ounces of unsweetened chocolate
  • 2 sticks of unsalted butter
  • 5 large eggs
  • 2 tablespoons of finely ground Original [...]

Our Hemp Extract Coffee Featured in Sensi Mag July Issue!

Hemp Extract Coffee Lovers Unite!


Our special blend of hemp infused coffee was featured in the July Issue of Sensi Mag, which you can read here right on page 76!

We're very grateful for the feature, and it's a very thoughtful piece that we're proud to be a part of. Be sure to show Sensi your support, they're doing great things.

THC Magazine Does Full-Page Spread on Steep Fuze Hemp Coffee


The latest issue of THC Magazine is in, and we are fortunate to be featured. The article talks about CBD Coffee, about the start-up life, and gives some insight into how this hemp extract coffee was born. Thanks to THC Mag's Evan Hundhausen for the feature!

Drink CBD? SteepFuze Coffee Featured on Freedom Health News

There's a lot of (mis)information about what CBD is and does, about cannabinoids in general, and about hemp coffee - what it is and isn't. This article from Freedom Health News features a good bit of prime content that will hopefully educate people who are just starting to become familiar with these hemp products in the emerging [...]

CBD Coffee by SteepFuze Featured in DELICIOUS Sousweed Recipe

Shout out to Sousweed for using our products in this recipe! Head on over to see this amazing recipe from Monica Lo!

Thanks for the Interview, Westword!

Thank you, Westword, for the interview! It's always fun to talk about coffee, hemp, future products, and the way things seem to be shifting in the general cannabis market. Read all about SteepFuze CBD Coffee in the Westword article:  Fusing Coffee with CBD: SteepFuze Perfects the Blend. We had a great time - thanks to Kate McKee [...]