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Average Rating: 4.98 Stars


Steve 10/20/18: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

As coffee, this is some of the best I've had! The CBD payload is the hidden jewel.


Luis 10/19/18: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I finally found the perfect coffee!


Stephen 11/12/18: Reviewing Coffee: Decaffeinated Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

A wonderful way to end the day! Both my wife and I have found that we get to sleep faster and have a deeper sleep. Best of all, the coffee is delicious. We are very picky about put coffee and are very pleased. We will definitely continue with the product.


Illona 11/10/18: Reviewing CBD Capsules Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

Since taking SteepFuze capsules, the inflammation has been greatly reduced throughout the body and the need for pain pills are nil.


Barbara 11/08/18: Reviewing CBD Capsules Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

SteepFuze CBD capsules have made a difference in the inflammation in my hands. I use my hands to detail vehicles and I don't think without this product I could continue to run my car was.


Mike 11/05/18: Reviewing Coffee: The New Mountain Blend Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I heard the news about CBD coffee several months ago. It provides an anti-inflammatory effect on your body and it also allows the caffeine to wake you up but minimize the "jitters" and the "crash". This is day 5 and I love SteepFuze! The coffee is delicious and I love the effect. I've officially converted to SteepFuze!! Thank you!!


Grace 11/06/18: Reviewing Tea: The Black Blend Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I purchased a canister of the CBD Black Tea and have been super pleased with the results. I was nervous at first because I wanted to drink it before bed and black tea has caffeine, but I've had no issues. In fact, the opposite. I drink a cup 2 hours before bed and I've been having really deep sleeps. I don't wake up multiple times anymore and have been having vivid dreams. I am definitely making this my new tradition before bed!


Judd 10/26/18: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I have absolutely no complaints. My bag of SteepFuze made some really smooth cups of joe. It could have been a bit bolder, but that's just my own personal preference. I tend to drink really bold roasts and blends, but overall I'm 100% satisfied with my purchase. Would buy again. 5/5 stars. :)


Lizzie 10/19/18: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I've been drinking this for a few years now, and it is definitely our favorite. It's damn fine coffee.


Steph 10/19/18: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

Tasty and calming. Awake but no shaking hands! Very nice!


Dave 10/19/18: Reviewing Coffee: New Mountain Blend Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

The service and ease of ordering was exceptional. The coffee was very good. I would give it an excellent but I like my coffee a little darker. Great product for health and for a good dose of energy.


Bart 10/14/18: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin  Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 11.00.06 AM

I've tried 2 different versions of this company's coffee and they are both excellent!


Denise Bastos 08/14/18: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

Love coffee! This is truly a win win for me! I have auto immune disorder with muscle and joint inflammation. Steepfuze coffee allows me the coffee I love and physical relief without drugs! Thank You!


lorlou2003 08/10/18: Reviewing Tea: Black Blend Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I tried this as soon as it arrived. So yummy with some honey and milk. The fact it lessens my pain makes this a real winner!


Johnny Blaze 08/07/18: Review from Google Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

We brew, sip and relax.
This is by far the best tasting infused coffee my wife and I have been drinking for a few months now....really quality coffee. It has helped me with my joint inflammation all while we relax and enjoy a delicious cup of infused coffee ;)


Robin Wayne Johnson 08/07/18Review from Facebook Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I first started using the capsules 25 mg. I did use the 50 mg two orders ago I also purchased the green tea CBD I'm not a coffee drinker so I'm so glad you made it in tea form seems to take the tip off my fibro pain.


janellelawrence8 06/15/18: Reviewing 10 mg Steam CBD Capsules Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

Excellent product! Replace this product with the Ambien I was taking nightly. Thank you!


Eric Lyons 06/06/18: Review from Facebook Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

The coffee is delicious and the CBD works wonderfully. I have multiple chronic pain areas from my time in the Marines and this coffee is a staple in my morning routine. If you are a CBD consumer this is the way to do it.


Preston Hall 05/05/18Review from Facebook Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

Our customer reviews on the 360mg bags are all positive. You can't go wrong ordering the CBD Green Tea!


Jamie Foster 04/16/18Review from Facebook Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

SteepFuze is a company you get excited to support. I first had their coffee shipped to my dad to help with some pain and inflammation issues. When I checked back, Pop said, "My knee and ankle just don't hurt anymore. And your mother hasn't had one of her daily headaches since we started drinking CBD coffee." 
SteepFuze coffee is one of those regular purchases that makes life better. And who doesn't want that?


Randy Williams 04/17/18Review from Facebook Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I love black coffee. While visiting The Joint Coffee house in Denver on Utah, I was offered a cup of CBD coffee. The taste crushed the Hotel stuff this morning. I was relaxed with Absolutely no caffeine issue either. Today I'm ordering more. Thank you for your gift...


Travelingman Joe 04/13/18Review from Google Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 


Karen Shoresman Frame Simakis 04/01/18Review from Facebook Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

Really smooth coffee with the extra you need to keep inflammation at a manageable level.


peghere 04/01/18: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I usually brew a cup or two of this in the evening after dinner. Perfect with dessert. Perfect at the end of a hectic day. I always buy whole beans so I can’t comment on the ground product. I’ve never been disappointed with this coffee. It’s perfect. The SteepFuze customer service is superior. I recently worked out a minor issue with Ben there. Outstanding response. He even followed up long after I thought the issue was resolved just to make sure I was satisfied. I was more than satisfied. Great product. Great service.

I’ve purchased this product multiple times. It’s a very smooth blend with full flavor. I like smooth coffee without an aftertaste. I’m not a fan of the coffee from that huge national retailer who shall remain nameless but you know who I mean. The last time I purchased this, something went wrong. I contacted SteepFuze and it was promptly made right. I have nothing but high praise for Ben in customer service. Really exceeded my expectations. Enjoy the coffee. Trust the company.


peghere 04/01/18: Reviewing Coffee: New Mountain Blend Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM

I’ve purchased this product multiple times. It’s a very smooth blend with full flavor. I like smooth coffee without an aftertaste. I’m not a fan of the coffee from that huge national retailer who shall remain nameless but you know who I mean. The last time I purchased this, something went wrong. I contacted SteepFuze and it was promptly made right. I have nothing but high praise for Ben in customer service. Really exceeded my expectations. Enjoy the coffee. Trust the company.


Jessica Schultz 02/03/18: Reviewing Coffee: Decaffeinated  Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I had never tried any CBD product until SteepFuze sent me some coffee for the holidays. I drank it, LOVED the coffee and within a week, I noticed some major improvements in my life, sounds crazy but its true.
First off, I noticed the caffeine with the CBD did not make me feel jittery and my sensitive tummy did not get as icky as it was getting from regular coffee. I love coffee in the morning so giving it up was hard to do but I had to from time to time due to heart burn type issues. I only drink one cup a day. Then after a couple days, I noticed my muscles felt more relaxed and this was nice because I work on a computer all day and it is torture on my body. After a week or so, my mood switched from irritated and depressed to calm and happy! OH and I was sleeping better than ever before. My boyfriend noticed my mood improvement (I was keeping my observations to myself because I didn’t know if it was all in my head) and jokingly said “I want to be happy too!” so he ordered more now he drinks it every day, He switched to decaf saying he really does not need the caffeine, he just loves the coffee!
Regarding my mood, I moved from So. CA to Big Island HI and I was really depressed missing my old lifestyle. I was depressed and not able to get out of it until the CBD came into my life! It was a big life change for me and without getting too personal, I just wanted to share my story and say I love the quality and taste of the coffee and I am an true advocate for CBD!


Alayna Jackson 01/30/18Review from Facebook Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

Not only do I LOVE SteepFuze coffee, but they recently introduced their steam extracted CBD capsules, and I tried one the first day of my period to see if it would work for cramps, and it did! I am happy to say after taking just one 25mg capsule, I did not experience any cramping the rest of the day! Thank you so much SteepFuze!!


Megan Haenny 01/24/18Review from Facebook Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

Fabulous coffee with the added benefits of CBD, you can't go wrong! So glad to have won some at the 420 games, or I'd never have known.


Armando Fierro 01/16/18Review from Facebook Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

Absolutely amazing CBD coffee! Made an order, received my package today, and loved it! I'm on a twice daily dropperful dose of 1000 mg cbd oil and this coffee cbd infusion really chilled me out! I was surprised by its flavor and effectiveness! Drank half a cup and it was nap-time! haha. I also ordered the steepfuze capsules and have great expectations for those as well - since the coffee was only rated 30 mg per dose and the capsules being 50 mg.  I really enjoyed the quality of the coffee and look forward to making it a normal part of my morning routine.

Outstanding work guys!

I've tried the Steam CBD Capsules (1500 mg) and they are freaking awesome. I get a very deep, restful sleep using them. Since its in capsule form it takes about 30+ minutes before you feel the effect but when it hits its easy and comfortable mellow. Always puts me to sleep. I tend to use higher doses but this level is enough to get me bedtime ready bigtime!
Another awesome product with great quality CBD and obvious care and love put into the making!


phillip 08/24/17Reviewing Coffee: New Mountain BlendScreen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I’m a self proclaimed coffee snob and this is legit. I make a 2 shot cappuccino every day with my Baratza Forte grinder and La Spaziale Lucca machine. This has proved to be an excellent smooth espresso. Great way to get your CBD.


Jonathan Ball: Reviewing Coffee 08/19/17: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I love this coffee. I drink 1-2 cups of the caffeinated variety during the day and relax with a cup of decaf in the evening.
There is no noticeable taste from the CBD oil, it just takes like a great regular cup of coffee. I find it very relaxing and helps relieve any stress from the day, the decaf is especially a great way to unwind in the evening.
I will never go back to drinking regular coffee after having SteepFuze. I recommend you give it a try, it’s worth the price.


Joseph H 07/24/17: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I’m 26 years old and never been a coffee drinker. I’ve tried popular coffee brands that friends and family offered me but I never liked the taste. This stuff is awesome though! I look forward to waking up in the morning just so I can drink a cup of this CBD infused coffee. It gives me the energy I need and takes care of my minor back pain and anxiety. 5 stars A+ !


Joseph H 07/24/17: Reviewing Coffee: Decaffeinated Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

This coffee is delicious! I drink it before bed and have the best sleep. I wake up feeling really refreshed and ready to work.


Jaren 07/13/17: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I wasn’t sure what to make of the CBD infused coffee world at first, or what to expect. My first two adventures both started with SteepFuze. I got the original batch twice, each time whole bean. I was surprised with the aroma. I actually have a terrible sense of smell, but these beans were so inviting. I have recently graduated from pre-ground drip to freshly ground french press. And with these beans, freshly ground, you notice a distinct and for me anyways a deliciously full-bodied scent. Pouring the water into the grounds, letting them do their thing and topping them off, leaves you eagerly awaiting the cup. And I have to say this, compared to some other large chain franchise coffee joints, and their home brew beans, the color that SteepFuze Original produces when pouring is just amazing. Just the perfect hue of golden dark brown. It actually took me by surprise what great color this bean produces. The coffee tastes, for me anyways, just like it smells: starts off sharp and bold and then nicely mellows. This coffee gives me a glimpse of how people become coffee fiends. After drinking a cup, the usual coffee energy arrives in my body, but with a noticeable difference of zero jitters. It’s a great feeling of being in the zone with whatever I have to do that morning.
I don’t have any chronic or lingering pain so I cannot speak to those results. I can say, I feel like I have had less post-workout soreness on the days I drink the coffee. Also, the mental impact is the primary reason I started this journey. I wanted a more relaxing coffee experience without the jitter/racing moments. SteepFuze Original delivers exactly that experience; it soothes while focusing and motivates with a quiet hum.
I tried two bags and foolishly decided to try another brand. I won’t name names, but the other brand’s beans lacked the aroma, lacked the color, and lacked the taste. And while the other brand’s beans started off in a similar fashion as SteepFuze body feelings wise, it fell short in the end. The other brand bag felt like an incomplete and hollow placebo. So much so that I’m only halfway through the bag and have decided to come back to SteepFuze. It works for me on the days I drink it, and is one of my primary go to coffee choices while home brewing on the french press.
I recommend you give it a try.


Jeanne 07/11/17: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I am so thrilled to have discovered Steepfuze. This coffee not only tastes delicious, but it has so improved my daily ebb and flow that I hope to have it forever! I was recovering from an abdominal surgery when my sister bought me a bag. We bought a French Press and a new coffee grinder and POOF! My recovery and pain-relief began in earnest. Thank you so much Steepfuze…


Adam Lane 07/04/17: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

SteepFuze has fantastic coffee, I’ve tried them all but the decaf. If you enjoy a tasty cup of coffee and the benefits of CBD, you will love their products. It’s now my coffee of choice, I drink it every morning!


bigorback 05/09/17: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I’m really not into coffee, it can taste alright with lots of cream and sugar but I find the acidity upsets my stomach and I get all jittery.
Steepfuze tastes great, don’t need much sugar and cream and it sits very well. My stomach feels downright soothed and the energy it provides is far more focused. It’s wonderful for productivity.


Sydstoik 04/27/17: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

Thank you, Steepfuze!!
I have been using CBD products to treat chronic migraines, chronic neck pain, hiatal hernia symptoms, as well as debilitating anxiety. I am basically prescription medication free and loving life, thanks to CBD!
When I found Steepfuze, I knew I had to give you guys a shot. I’m an avid coffee drinker, and thought a CBD infused craft coffee would be an amazing way to start my day. I ordered a batch of the original and the Spring release, and I was beyond pleased! The original blend is smooth and delicious with the perfect dosage of CBD. Each morning I’m up, moving, and ready to go! This is such a great concept and you guy hit it out of the park!
Again, thank you Steepfuze! I’m grateful that you are a part of my journey to a healthy, happy life!


FreidaFarms 04/18/17: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

“Steep Fuze CBD coffee is not only delicious ( like the no need for creamer and sugar delicious ) it gives me my daily dose of CBD and leaves me feeling recharged, calm and jitter free no matter how much I drink! By far the best coffee around and the added bonus is the CBD. A perfect gift for your coffee loving friends and family.”
Kristen -Freida Farms


Andrew Coelho 04/17/17: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

On just flavor and aroma alone, this coffee is excellent. As someone who drinks his coffee black, I was expecting the CBD infusion to negatively affect the flavor. But it just tastes like a regular gourmet cup of coffee.
As far as any benefits, here’s what I’ve noticed in my own experiences: My wife and I have been drinking Steepfuze for about a month now with a cup of regular in the morning and and a decaf before bed. My joint pain and inflammation has significantly decreased. Both of us are having the best night sleeps in years. And even our friends have noticed our stress and anxiety levels have been very low.


Emily Tolman 04/18/17: Reviewing Coffee: Decaffeinated Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I recently have found CBD products as a way to ease my pain from the medical issues that literally haunt me daily. Traditional medicines (from ibuprofen to opiates) can work but end up leaving my body in worse shape then prior to taking any. This prompted me to look up natural remedies for pain which is when I found CBD’s. After some research, I decided to try Steepfuze coffee, tincture and shatter.
I found that CBD products really work for pain! But, Steepfuze coffee is my go to and, here are some reasons why –
Steepfuze will deliver the CBD medicine needed without any hint of the taste! You just taste delicious coffee while receiving the relief you need! That for me, is huge!!! I can take my medicine without a bad taste in my mouth or coughing? Sign me up!
Steepfuze coffee is also the most discrete form of CBD products out there. I can go to work with my mugs full of brewed coffee and have no one be the wiser. Walking around, especially at work, with a tincture bottle can be uncomfortable even though it is legal. And for me, shatter is not a option at work.
Steepfuze is amazingly priced! It offers the recommended starting dose in one cup of coffee. I personally buy by the pound and drink it everyday throughout the day. So for me I spend about $2 to $4 a day not just on my coffee but also on my CBD regiment! I know people that purchase several coffees a day from certain businesses and spend at least $8 a day, on regular burnt gross coffee.
Not to mention, Steepfuze is non-solvent and organic, both which can be pricy on their own. So I’m getting organic, non-solvent CBD infused coffee for less than what people get cheap, burnt drive-thru coffee for? Again, sign me up!
And lastly, it works! I was missing about a week a month from work because of my illnesses. But ever since I started drinking Steepfuze, I’ve only missed one day in over two months! Not only that but prior to using Steepfuze I had no energy after work to do much but shower and sleep. Now, I come home and am able to walk my dog, spend time with my niece and nephews, and even make some maple syrup!
Having Steepfuze coffee as a part of my daily life has really made a difference. This is the most capable physically that I have been in years. That in turn, helps me emotionally and has given me some quality of life.
Spending $2 – $4 dollars a day for some delicious coffee that gives me quality of life? Priceless. (But, I’d pay way more)


Judith 04/16/17: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I recently found Steepfuze Coffee online. What a small miracle can bring such help and ease in a difficult situation. Steepfuze is an excellent coffee. When you open the bag, the fragrance wakes your nose up and gets you ready for a great cup of coffee. I am from Louisiana and have been a faithful Community Coffee drinker for years.. Steepfuze rivals them in quality and taste.
The second and most important part of this coffee is pain relief. I had my first Internal Carotid Artery Dissection with Pseudoaneurysm quickly followed by a Hypothalmic Stroke in 2012 at the age of 46. There was also damage to my Occipital Nerve – from 2 days post Stroke I have lived with the sensation of someone having their finger in the back of my head. 2014 I had a second Internal Carotid Artery Dissection on the other side leaving me with what the doctors called “The Perfect Storm” of organic headaches.
The only way to stop the constant pain was an Implanted Pain Pump. This helped but didn’t completely take away the pain.. next kicked in the Hypothalmic Stroke.. shutting down my Endocrine system Hypothyroidism with 1 fast growing nodule, Adrenal Glands critically low i.e. Secondary Adrenal insufficiency, pure Insulin Diabeties and a Pititury Mass. All this is being attributed to a Connective Tissue Disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I’ve not been tested for any except type 4 – Vascular type.. genetically negative but physically positive with a family type. Not a good disease to have it’s inherited and there is no cure…
As if all that weren’t enough.. my back started hurting… the cure for Adrenal Insufficiency is Steroids which can cause edema… I gained over 100 lbs in 1 year mostly edema. With the pain pump and oral pain meds I didn’t realize I had back problems until I fell a couple of times… that’s when I found out my lower back was giving way on me – I had lost 2 inches in height by this time.. but unfortunately after being sent to a world renounced back surgeon in Houston- they could not risk a surgical procedure on me. I would probably not live through the surgery.
My pain level by this time is severe. I redefine daily what it is that I can live with when it comes to pain. When I thought nothing else could possibly happen my skin begin to have issues.. Arterial Ulcers on my lower legs and abdomen. Other types of sores biopsied as Actonic Keratosis and Hydratenitis started. My husband had to do treatments everyday that were even more painful.
I started researching for some relief. That’s when I found Steepfuze. I drink a cup of this before and during my treatments and here is my miracle! Some of the pain has disappeared for awhile… I now have something that takes the silent scream from my head… there are not enough words to express my gratitude.. I say Thank you and realize how small that sounds… I hope that somewhere in my life story you understand..51 years old should not be this hard. I take a sip to you!


tyra Fisketti 04/14/17: Reviewing Coffee: Decaffeinated Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

This product has helped me in many ways. It has helped with sleep issues, allergies and digestive issues. Others have commented that I seem much calmer, and this coffee is the reason!


wardy5280 04/14/17: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I’ve never been a huge coffee drinker, especially since I don’t like to eat much in the morning, but this coffee is really easy on my stomach, and helps control the jitters almost entirely. It must be the CBD since most un-infused coffees give me a lot of physical uneasiness.
This is now my favorite way of getting CBD into my system, and my day. Great before and after skiing the bumps, or a long trail run! I still get the same physical recovery benefits that I do from other CBD products, but now it’s also keeping me warm on those fun I-70 rides…
Go American Hemp!


Steve Hughes 02/28/17: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I first tried Steep Fuze for the first time about three months ago after I underwent my third ACL surgery trying to correct a bad knee. After my first two surgeries I had had pretty long and miserable recovery periods so a friend of mine suggested that this time I try CBD for my pain and inflammation. After my surgery he brought me some of the CBD coffee from Steep Fuze. I was pretty skeptical at first because I am by all accounts a coffee snob and the idea of an infused coffee immediately brought to mind the kind of flavored coffee that I would just assume pour out over drinking it. I decided to give it a try because my friend had already bought it for me and boy am I glad I did!
When I opened the bag and smelled the beans I was immediately intrigued. This did not smell like the low-grade coffee I was expecting at all. In-fact, it smelt absolutely amazing. I made a strong pour-over. Yirgacheffe is my favorite origin of of coffee bean and it has a very distinct light, lemony flavor to it . I almost fell over on my crutches when I recognized the taste of the SteepFuze coffee as Yirgacheffe! Their coffee has all the sweet crisp flavors I look for in a Yirgacheffe but there is another flavor there; something piquant and earthy. It is very subtle but quite nice. I assume it is the CBD oil they infuse in the coffee. As I mentioned above, I am a coffee snob and a purest when it comes to coffee but I’ll give credit where it’s due: this coffee tastes fantastic.
After drinking my cup, I was eager to see how it would affect my knee so I started doing my rehab program to see if I noticed a difference. The first thing I noticed was actually not my leg, it was my stomach. I was still on the Vicodin at the time and it was causing me a lot of uneasiness in my stomach and mild but notable nausea. Twenty minutes after I drank my coffee, my stomach felt totally normal and I was able to eat my first real meal in days! My leg maybe felt a bit better but I couldn’t tell if it was placebo or not so just to be sure, I made another cup… bullseye! After my last knee surgery, I was on Vicodin for 5 weeks but by my second day of drinking the coffee I was able to half my dose of Vicodin. By day five I was drinking the coffee and only taking ibuprofen and on day nine, I was completely off all meds!
My knee is improving and healing well but I guarantee I will still keep drinking your coffee long after I’m all healed up. Good work SteepFuze. Color me impressed.


Michal Z 12/14/16: Reviewing Coffee: The Origin Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 2.01.18 PM 

I’m not sure what they did to get it to work this well, but honestly, I’m amazed. Grinding the coffee beans yourself really is the difference, and I greatly prefer this to the pre-made drinks I’ve tried. As someone who’s suffered from chronic pain for many years, this CBD coffee has become an indispensable part of my “toolbox”. Would highly recommend!