CBD Coffee Ads to be Displayed at Stadium During Super Bowl LIII


You may have heard that on Sunday, February 3rd there will be CBD coffee ads ran throughout Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA as the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams compete in Super Bowl LIII. If you’re in the industry, this is great news as CBD coffee will receive great mainstream coverage, which for the most part [...]

How is Coffee Processed?


When we write about a coffee process at SteepFuze, it's usually about the process by which we infuse our coffee beans with cannabinoids. So for this edition of The SteepFuze Scoop, we thought we’d talk about coffee processing in more general terms so you can learn a little more about coffee production and the flavors you’ll [...]

COFFEE: From Bunny Buns to Beans

Odds are you may have heard of the most expensive coffee in the world: Kopi Luwak, also called Civet Cat Coffee. Aptly named, Civet Cat Coffee (also known as cat poop coffee) is one of the most uniquely processed coffees in the world… because it is processed through the digestive tract of the civet cat! “Kopi luwak is coffee that [...]

Cannabis Confusions - Common Misconceptions Around Cannabis


With the cannabis industry growing and becoming more and more popular, a lot of misconceptions are on the rise too. We've compiled eight of the most common ones and want to set the record straight! Read through the blog and then download our free Cannabis Confusions: 8 True or False Questions About Cannabis e-book to get a 20% [...]