New Season, New Coffee...

Spring is definitely in the air. The snow has turned to rain, the trees are turning green, and with a change of seasons comes a change at SteepFuze.

Just in time for Spring, SteepFuze is proud to announce the release of three brand new coffee lines: The Origin, New Mountain Blend, and Honduran Decaf. All of our coffee lines will now consist of USDA Certified Organic coffee beans!

SteepFuze Coffee Front

-The Origin-

Named as a tribute to the motherland of the coffee species itself, Ethiopia, our single-origin offering is a very special coffee indeed. This high elevation heirloom Arabica bean is roasted to a light medium level and produces a bright and delicately balanced cup of coffee. As a naturally processed bean, our USDA certified organic Sidamo is dried in the coffee cherry imparting a delicious fruity flavor of apricot and honey with strong notes of blueberry building towards the finish. This complex and delightfully balanced coffee is sure to brighten up any morning! 

-New Mountain Blend-

The New Mountain Blend combines three of our favorite USDA certified organic Arabica coffees from around the world. We begin with a Brazilian backbone of washed Bourbon coffee that brings big overtones of chocolate and caramel to this full bodied blend. Next we add a rare wet processed Bugisu coffee from Uganda. Finally, we blend in some of our Sidamo to add the sweet flavor of blueberries and some high notes of delicate apricot. A rich bold cup balanced with lighter, sweeter flavor notes that enhance this round robust blend.


Our Honduran Decaf is anything but your run-of-the-mill decaffeinated coffee. We begin with Bourbon, Lempira, and Catuai varieties of Arabica which are decaffeinated using the totally solvent-free Swiss Water decaffeination method. The beans are carefully blended and roasted to a medium dark level to maintain the deep flavor characteristics of traditional medium roast coffees with a pleasant nuttiness and a long, smooth finish. With much more structure and complexity than most decafs, this coffee is sure not to disappoint!

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We will soon be selling 3 oz bags with 90 mg of CBD available in each line. These are all infused at the same strength as our 12 oz, 360 mg CBD bags, and they’ll make great gifts for those folks nervous about trying CBD products!

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