New Coffees for a New Season

 201904 - spring coffee lineup

Spring is a time of change. It is a season of renewal and replenishment. Spring is also the time of year that many new coffees arrive in the US from coffee farms around the world. With the arrival of many new coffee harvests, SteepFuze is proud to announce our new coffee offerings for the year!

The Midnight Oil


Hailing from mountainous regions of the South Pacific, Indonesia, and Africa, this exotic blend is roasted to a dark french level to accent the bold flavors of these old world coffees. We begin with beans from the volcanic loam soils of Papua New Guinea’s Chimbu Province. When roasted dark, this coffee produces a rich flavor of sweet molasses with undertones of cocoa powder. Next we blend in some Sumatran coffee from the Permata Gayo Coop. The soft acidity of this coffee gives structure to the cup and adds piquant smokiness to the coffee to balance the sweetness of the Papua New Guinea beans. Finally, we blend in a rare wet processed Bugisu coffee from Mt. Elgon in Uganda which brings soft earth tones and an aroma of caramel to this fine blend that’s sure to keep the midnight oil burning…

Santa Rosa


Our new single origin light roast is sure to delight the palate. This USDA certified organic coffee comes from the Santa Rosa de Copán region of Honduras. Our Honduran consists of 100% “high grown” coffee, made only from beans grown the traditional way at an altitude of at least 1,500 meters. At such altitudes, the air is cooler during the day and often cold at night meaning that the beans enjoy a long, slow maturation that gives this coffee a fuller body and aroma than many light roasts. Up front this Arabica bean produces a smooth flavor of lightly toasted almonds with a delicate balance of toffee sweetness laced throughout with subtle floral and citrus tones developing towards the finish.

With the new coffee releases, we will be saying goodbye to The Origin (the light roasted Ethiopian) and our Decaf as they rotate out of this year’s offering. We still have some freshly roasted and infused Origin coffee for purchase on our website, but supplies are dwindling.

To celebrate the release of our new coffees, between now and the end of April 2019, we are offering a coupon for an additional 20% off all coffee lines! Click the button below and enter coupon code: newcoffee2019 at checkout to receive your discount and sample our tantalizing new coffees.