New CBD Teas!

Since releasing our coffees a few years ago, friends and family less fond of our drink of choice have asked us one consistent question: "When are you releasing teas?" We're pleased to announce that the time is now and we're releasing our new CBD tea line!

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We’ve partnered with local tea purveyors to provide three loose leaf CBD-infused tea lines. Like with our coffee, the hemp extract used in our teas is full-spectrum and derived from Certified Organic hemp flower grown locally in Colorado. So thanks for sticking with us, tea enthusiasts - we're excited for everyone to give our products a try!

-Black Tea Blend-


Our black tea is based off of an Irish Breakfast tea recipe combining two hearty black teas from Sri Lanka and India to get your morning off to a bright start. We begin with a base of mellow Ceylon Orange Pekoe tea from high in the mountains of Sri Lanka. The Ceylon Dimbula we use consists of long leaves with few tips, giving the tea light but brisk citrusy notes with a clean bright aroma. We blend our Ceylon with an Assam tea from India. The larger leaves from lower elevation bring on a smooth biscuity mouthfeel and add a malty underscore to the flavor with hints of walnut on the finish. 

-Citron Green Tea-


Our Citron Green Tea begins high in the hills on the Yunnan region of China. This region is famous for for growing a wide variety of teas. Our steamed green tea has a flavor profile similar to Sencha but is slightly more floral and less earthy. 

Then we blend our tea with organic lemon zest and orange peel to add zesty citrus notes developing more as the cup cools.  This mildly sweet herbaceous blend makes a lovely hot cup but also chills down beautifully for those hot summer days!

 -Hibiscus Berry-


As the name suggests, this herbal tea is comprised entirely of flowers and berries making it 100% caffeine-free. Beginning with a base of hibiscus petals and rose hips, this incredibly fragrant tea is very floral and refreshing. Next, we add in some cranberries and blackberries to give the tea a tart base and blend it with dried strawberries to add a delicate sweetness. To round out the tea, we add in currants to provide some earth tones and a tannic acid structure completed with the addition of rare British bilberries.

We think you'll love our new teas, so we want to offer you a discount to give them a try! Click the button below to receive 20% off your order! 


*This discount only applies to teas.*