Congratulations, Anna! Enjoy your free CBD coffee and tea!

All the votes are in! Your grand prize winner of FREE SteepFuze for a FULL YEAR is Anna Moog (option C)! Thanks to all of the participants who submitted a photo and everyone who voted! Let's learn a little more about our winner!


Anna lives in Phillips, ME and was dedicated to winning free SteepFuze for a year! She sent the voting link and the following message via texts and emails to all of her friends and family: "I love coffee, I love tea, it's even better with CBD! Please vote for ME so I can win some for FREE!"

Anna's always been a fan of SteepFuze and the story behind our hemp extract coffee and tea. Her favorite SteepFuze product is The Origin CBD Coffee but she is very excited to try the teas and other flavors too! For her first month of free products she's decided to to go with a bag of New Mountain Blend CBD Coffee and Hibiscus Berry CBD Tea

Way to go, Anna! Congratulations again, and we hope you enjoy the year supply of CBD infused coffees and teas! Thanks again to everyone who submitted a photo. Everyone who did will be receiving a free SteepFuze product of their choice as well!

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