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CBD Test Kitchen Thursdays: CBD Coffee Bites!

For this week's installment of CBD Test Kitchen Thursdays, we're featuring a recipe from Sous Weed and the amazing Monica Lo! Check out these delicious coffee bites!

CBD Test Kitchen Thursdays: CBD Coffee Cocktails!

Wait, did someone say CBD Coffee Cocktails?!? We sure did! Here are six recipes that are guaranteed to kick your weekend up a notch in this weeks installment of CBD Test Kitchen Thursdays!

CBD Test Kitchen Thursdays: CBD Tiramisu!

Welcome to the second installment of CBD Test Kitchen Thursdays! we've been busy in our kitchen, whipping up new and exciting flavor combinations that feature our signature CBD coffee. For this week's installment, we've updated an old favorite, creating a new CBD Tiramisu for you to try!

For those of you who are concerned about [...]

CBD Test Kitchen Thursdays: CBD Ice Cream!

Here at SteepFuze we’re always expanding our CBD dessert and cocktail concepts! We’ve been busy in our CBD Test Kitchen, whipping up new and exciting flavor combinations that feature our signature CBD coffee. We decided it was time to share these wonderful recipes with the world in our new CBD Test Kitchen Thursdays series! For [...]

Our Hemp Extract Coffee Featured in Sensi Mag July Issue!

Hemp Extract Coffee Lovers Unite!


Our special blend of hemp infused coffee was featured in the July Issue of Sensi Mag, which you can read here right on page 76!

We're very grateful for the feature, and it's a very thoughtful piece that we're proud to be a part of. Be sure to show Sensi your support, they're doing great things.

THC Magazine Does Full-Page Spread on Steep Fuze Hemp Coffee


The latest issue of THC Magazine is in, and we are fortunate to be featured. The article talks about CBD Coffee, about the start-up life, and gives some insight into how this hemp extract coffee was born. Thanks to THC Mag's Evan Hundhausen for the feature!

Drink CBD? SteepFuze Coffee Featured on Freedom Health News

There's a lot of (mis)information about what CBD is and does, about cannabinoids in general, and about hemp coffee - what it is and isn't. This article from Freedom Health News features a good bit of prime content that will hopefully educate people who are just starting to become familiar with these hemp products in the emerging [...]

Thanks for the Interview, Westword!

Thank you, Westword, for the interview! It's always fun to talk about coffee, hemp, future products, and the way things seem to be shifting in the general cannabis market. Read all about SteepFuze CBD Coffee in the Westword article:  Fusing Coffee with CBD: SteepFuze Perfects the Blend. We had a great time - thanks to Kate McKee [...]

Thanks Westword for Featuring SteepFuze!

We're delighted to be featured in an an article in Westword by Kate McKee Simmons, titled Ten Hemp Companies That Even Your Mom Would Love at the NoCo Hemp Expo. It was the biggest event of our company's history so far, and we served over 60 gallons of CBD coffee - even to the curious and open minded police officers. We already [...]

SteepFuze Coffee Featured in Food and Wine

A nice little write-up came our way from the good folks over at Food and Wine. Always nice to get a shout out from a well-respected publication!